J Dilla ‘The King of Beats’ Ma Dukes Yancey Collectors Edition (Limited)


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I’ll keep that in mind!! I’m laughing and smoking right now!

I’ll keep that in mind!! I’m laughing and smoking right now!

Dope! #ditc

Dope! #ditc

Time vs. Lepp
new video!
Time and Lepp created this video to give you a taste of something new they may be performing at their Milly’s Tavern show in Manchester NH. on
June 22, 2014 be there and find out. You WILL see some dope Hip Hop!

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FREE YOUR MIND - Jazzscapez
Check it out we have given you the Free Your Mind beattape in its entirety!!
No interruptions, Just 3hrs of amazing Hip Hop made by The Late Great Jazzscapez.
Enjoy, Share and Check out the link in the comments to find out where to download The FREE YOUR MIND tapes for free.



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This video is a contest entry for The “Hopsin - I Need Help”
BeatStars & Maschine Remix Contest
produced by iLLa Truth of MASSacre Music Group

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Not a Joke, a Hip Hop song written and performed by Time and Leppa aka Third Eye for their upcoming mixtape. All production and recording by iLLa Truth for MASSacre Music Group.

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A new Hip Hop joint written and performed by Genet-X. This track was recorded and produced by iLLa Truth for MASSacre Music Group

Bump my new joint Sleep Deprivation is a Hip Hop track written and recorded by Genet-X and produced by iLLa Truth for MASSacre Music Group.